Caring is the answer

We’re committed to keeping patient care human.

Real care is a people  thing

We promise to keep every patient interaction human. No bots here, just excellent bedside manners on every phone call and chat.
we pledge
Your HIPAA-trained medical receptionists are empowered to schedule their own hours, develop their learning and volunteer in their communities.

Happy receptionists = happy patients.
There’s no substitute for real care
Patients need empathy

Patients need empathy

Studies show empathy leads to higher patient satisfaction and quicker patient recovery. Real empathy happens with real people.

Source: GreaterGood
People trust people

People trust people

Patients don’t trust chatbots to protect their data to the standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Source: Chief Healthcare Executive
Every patient is unique

Every patient is unique

Patients feel AI and chatbots are unable to recognize unique situations. Only a person can navigate the social cues of conversation.


Powered by people

WellReceived pledges to give every patient and client the real connection of people, not bots. We will answer every chat and every call with the care that only a human can provide.

Caring is the answer.

Lifelong learning is a WellReceived core Value.
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